Fabrizio de Longis

fabrizio de longis

Fabrizio de Longis was born in Rome the 24 february 1963.

He is an economist of LUISS lent to the finance. Long-time sportsman with competitive results in swimming and sailing, he always loves writing.

When he was just over 25 years old, he was secretary and speech writer of the vice president of a big Italian Bank.

An important surgery and an unfair and unfortunate separation in 2012 force him to redesign all his life priorities.

He chooses his sons, first innocent victims of the happy family dismantling. He dedicates himself to them with all his strength. In a new role forcedly autarchic, he raises two wonderful, social and generous sons, who give sense to his present and future.

He recreates with them fairy-tale bizarre but serene atmospheres, far from the anxiety of the modern and the technology at any cost.

Le fantastiche avventure dell'eroe senza tempo
The fantastic adventures of the timeless hero