Doctortohome is a prompt, high quality and cheap home visiting service in english and spanish.
The visit can be done at home, at the office or at the hotel.

Price: day €80 – night or holiday €90

Dr. Mansuino Gabriele
+39 3337441450


City parking: upon request it is possible to keep a free parking space where you can park during the period without additional costs, as long as the car is not moved.

For a fee in a hotel structure adjacent to the Maison (euros 18 per night).



To arrive to the station (very near to the Old City Centre):
  • from the Maison, go on the left and take the first on the right in Via Cimabue
  • take the first on the left in via Fra Giovanni Angelico
  • get out at the bus stop “STAZIONE VIA PANZANI”
  • the station is on the right, while the city centre is on the left


Bike Sharing Service: Mobike, by downloading the App.

  • Open the app and find a Mobike nearby on the map
  • Tap on a Mobike to find directions to it. You can also reserve it for 15 minutes to make sure you have time to get to the bike you want.
  • When you find your Mobike, unlock it by scanning the QR code on the lock that’s attached to the top of the rear wheel or the middle of the handlebar.
  • Once unlocked, enjoy the two-wheeled ride to your destination. Ride safe!
  • Once you’re done riding, park at any public bicycle parking spot, rack, or Mobike Preferred Location (MPL). 
  • Lock the bike by sliding the lock and see your trip details pop up immediately.
  • Enjoy the rest of your day knowing you saved a little more time and money. 


Do not turn on too many household appliances at the same time: there could be a blackout!
Do not use more than two of these at the same time:
conditioned air, hob, hairdryer, dishwasher and toaster.
Es. conditioned air + hob + hairdryer
conditioned air + dishwasher + hairdryer
conditioned air + hob + toaster




Entrance loft servicesNO SMOKING on the inside.

Use the ashtray for cigarettes in the patio.

NON-AUTOMATIC air conditioning.

Turn on the switch.

Choose the temperature.

WARNING: Turn off the switch before leaving the house or going to sleep.

The entrance of the maison is on a private patio on the street.

The access to the structure is through an indipendent entrance.

WiFi is available throughout the property, ask for the password upon your arrival.


Private patio with a footboard to ease the access to the maison with a trolley.


Steam iron, near the wardrobe.

Fill in with the specific distilled water before using it.

Original and practical smartphone/tablet holder for table to use everywhere, even in the kitchen as a trivet.

Buyable at the price of €19,90 from the Concept Store

Use only specific PODS (on the shelf) NO CAPSULES.

Turn on the right switch.

Wait until the left indicator light switch off (see photo).

Use the lever to insert the pod.

Pull the lever all the way down.

Press the left button to make coffee.

Turn off the right switch.

Raise up the lever and take off the pod.

The hob is electric, it DOESN’T make a flame.

WARNING: the red indicator light stays on until the plate is hot.

Check if there is water inside. Turn the switch from Off to On. Once the water is hot, it will turn off automatically.

The kitchen is provided of tools, cutlery and plates in the doors of the kitchen cupboard.

Turn the switch on.

Set the temperature to 50°.

Insert the dishwasher tablet and close the door.

Start the dishwasher by closing it.

WARNING: do not put inside plastic or metal objects.

WARNING: it doesn’t have a switch, unplug as soon as you have done using it!

Before cooking, it’s recommended to activate the cooker hood (pull forward).


The purpose of the Maison is also to prove the facility of application of the biofireplace Fuecopared in every room. For this reason the guest will find a fireplace installed in every room.

Set of towels for two people.

The hot water is produced by a electric boiler of 30 liters. Wait for the indicator light to switch off before using it.


The Maison de Fuecopared wants to be a creative space: a different structure from the usual hotel room.

A loft-studio where the guests can live the warm and cozy atmosphere created by an ecological fireplace fueled by bioethanol.


Situated on the ground floor, in a central zone of Florence, a few meters from Piazza Santa Croce.