Marinella Faraci

Stylistic spontaneity and an attractive use of color characterize the painting of Marinella Faraci, a young artist who undoubtedly through the long road of technical experimentation and stylistic perfection will be able to convey to the user sensations and emotions that now expresses through a simple and linear pictorial language. 

However, even if the pictorial story would seem easy to read, in reality by carefully observing its compositions and its landscapes, we discover a world far from any contemporary comparison, surreal and dreamlike surfacing emerge.

In still lives the objects just outlined by the color are dispersed in a naturalistic context of great effect.

Marinella whispers her reality, her being, her poetry.

Finestra in terracotta Marinella Faraci

Terracotta window
Untreated terracotta window

Frammento di mattone misure 12.5x5.5x6 , prezzo confidenziale € 30 , prezzo di vendita € 40

Fragment of brick
Fragment of brick

Frammento di legno (vecchia barca) misura 5x13x2 prezzo confidenziale € 25 , prezzo di vendita € 35

Fragment of wood
Fragment of old boat wood