Biofireplace Fuecopared

biocaminetto fuecopared

Fuecopared is a fireplace without chimney fueled by bioethanol, featuring a sleek and modern design. It can be easily installed anywhere, because bioethanol does not produce smoke, ashes, sparks or any unpleasant odours in the place where it is placed.

Fuecopared, with its “heart of clay”, creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere typical of a traditional fireplace, without having its inconveniences nor its high installation costs.

Fuecopared, thanks to the “terra cotta”, optimizes its thermal performance as the flame touches the clay-made rear surface, which accumulates heat, thus returning all the heat produced in the environment where it is located.

All Fireplaces Fuecopared are serialized and have the possibility to be customized with a hand-painted background made by master potters.

monte carlo deluxe biocaminetto fuecopared art gallery
Monte Carlo Deluxe
girasoli 190/200 biocaminetto fuecopared
Sunflowers 190/200
barocco rosso 30/100 biocaminetto fuecopared
Baroque Red 30/100